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Use to Plan A Career in Robotics and Automation

September 7, 2023

The ARM Institute’s free national resource,, helps you set and achieve goals for your manufacturing career. Whether you're just getting started or you're a seasoned professional looking for your next move, will help you plan your next movesteps and achieve your goals! Through, you can apply to robotics jobs that match your skills, match to training programs that give you the skills employers need, and connect directly with hiring manufacturers by uploading your resume and completing your profile.

The ARM Institute, with input from its nearly 400 member organizations, has established a framework of competencies that outlines the skills you need to perform in your desired career in robotics. This framework acts as a set of building blocks, in which each set of skills builds upon the previous set. Below you can see the skills that have been placed under each tier in order of increasing responsibility: robotics technicianrobotics specialist, and robotics integrator.

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This framework, just like the other features on the site, is designed to help you plan out your ideal robotics career path in manufacturing! You can use the industry-vetted list of robotics skills to acknowledge what may be missing from your repertoire as you move forward in your manufacturing career. The ARM Institute leverages this framework when we add new robotics training programs and job openings. If a training program does not teach one or more of the above competencies, then it is not relevant to manufacturing in robotics and is not listed on

The competencies listed as part of each training program are then used in the Guided Search feature. You can select which competencies you want to learn, along with other parameters such as location and credential earned, and the platform provides a set of personalized matches unique to your needs. Below, you will see the screen from the Guided Search feature. The first step is to select which competencies you’re interested in learning.

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You can then explore our set of recommendations based on your selections. With each recommendation, you can see all competencies the program teaches. An example is pictured below.

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By taking advantage of our unique skill-based matching on, you can do more than simply find training or apply to jobs; you can plan the stepping stones in your manufacturing career, and understand exactly which robotics skills you need to strengthen to get where you want to go. Your profile enables you to identify and track the skills you already have, and those you need, to move further in your career. The ARM Institute and are singularly focused on ensuring that this generation and all generations that follow are welcomed to the opportunities provided in this age of new collar careers, and our sites are built to achieve that purpose by providing the most relevant, up-to-date, and personalized recommendations in education and employment.

Create your profile today to start planning your robotics career journey in manufacturing!

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