Discover Your Robotics Career Path in Advanced Manufacturing

Working with robotics subject matter experts across industry, government, and academia, the ARM Institute has defined the pathways to a career in robotics for manufacturing. Check out the descriptions below to get started!

Competency Building Blocks

The ARM Institute Competency Building Blocks have been vetted by industry and were designed in partnership with ARM’s 350+ member organizations that span industry, government, economic development organizations, and academia, including community colleges, universities, trade schools, and other training organizations. The Building Blocks outline the robotics skills needed for a career in Industry 4.0 and illustrate how workers can build off existing skills. Through these building blocks, ARM has defined three primary jobs in robotics in manufacturing: Robotics Technician, Robotics Specialist, and Robotics Integrator. Each position has a critical role in manufacturing with complementary, but distinct skills and training requirements.

Levels of Competencies

The graphic below showcases the industry approved competencies needed for each robotics career path. As you search for training opportunities on, you will see exactly which competencies are addressed in each program.

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