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There are 16,000+ training programs on RoboticsCareer.org - that's a lot of options! How can students and employers identify the most effective training programs? That's where ARM Endorsement cuts through the noise to recognize the nation's most effective training.

ARM Institute Endorsed Training Programs on RoboticsCareer.org are proven to give students and workers the skills they need for robotics careers in manufacturing. These programs have passed a rigorous evaluation progress completed by subject matter experts. The criteria used to evaluate programs aligns with the ARM Institute’s robotics career pathways and competencies and evaluate both organizations and their programs based upon the following benchmarks:

- Relevance to the Industry
- Effective Curriculum
- Efficiency of the Training
- Impact of the Program
- Program Sustainability
- Transportability

ARM Institute Endorsed programs range from micro-credentials and high schools to two year and four year degrees.

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The ARM Institute Endorsement Program on RoboticsCareer.org was conceptualized and created through the ARM Institute’s 380+ member national consortium, giving equal voice to the need of manufacturers, education providers, and government stakeholders. Because Endorsed programs are proven, these training programs and schools appear first when doing a search on RoboticsCareer.org.

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