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With ARM Endorsed Training, Mahima Arora is Ready for Her Robotics Career

July 11, 2023

When Mahima Arora was choosing where to get her master’s degree, the ARM Institute’s free national resource was not yet launched. But coincidentally, Mahima selected and recently graduated from one of eighteen robotics training programs currently endorsed by the ARM Institute University of Maryland’s Master’s Program in Robotics.

Mahima’s Background

Mahima’s interest in robotics was fostered when she was young. She reminisces about watching engineering shows while growing up and being fascinated by what she saw. When it came time to pick a major, she knew from her childhood, mechatronics was the perfect blend of what she was most interested in: the mechanical and electronic components. At the time she chose this major, she didn’t yet know that she would develop an interest in robotics, nor did she know that her major of mechatronics would apply easily to a robotics career. But, during her undergrad coursework in India, she was given the opportunity to build her first robot, and she found it so rewarding that it ultimately helped her make the decision to get her master’s degree in robotics.

As aforementioned in Mahima’s case, this program’s endorsement was not a factor in her decision, as it became endorsed when she was already enrolled. But, looking back on her time at University of Maryland, she now feels confident in knowing that her training has been vetted by industry.

She says the most useful takeaway from the program at the University of Maryland, were the skills she learned from Robot Modeling. This core course within the program was taught during the first semester and involved computer-aided design and simulation. During one of her projects at a summer internship, Mahima was able to apply the specific skillset she learned from this course, and even showed the company a more efficient way of creating the model and conducting the simulation. The profound impact this endorsed program is having on graduates and even the industry can really be seen in this example. The pride Mahima takes in this is evident:

“I really helped them to improve their process. They used to take five hours, maybe a whole day, and now it’s reduced to two hours.”

She also specifically called out the professors during her time at the University of Maryland. It’s clear she feels she has received high-quality education, and shares that she is confident that if she ever has a question about the robotics industry or needs a reference, she can reach out to a professor anytime and knows they will be happy to hear from her. Overall, she’s excited to continue her journey and says, “the basic tools I need were given to me by the University of Maryland,” and shares it’s now up to her to apply them in her career.

What is ARM Endorsement?

ARM Institute Endorsement recognizes the nation’s best training programs for robotics careers in manufacturing. Once a school applies for ARM Endorsement, subject matter experts from the ARM Institute consortium help the school through an evaluation. The evaluation dives deeply into quality of the curriculum provided, so that future students can easily identify industry-approved training. When a program receives the ARM Endorsement badge, the user knows they can trust that they will receive quality education.

Because was not yet launched, Mahima had to do a lot of her own research when it came to selecting a school. Eliminating some of that legwork is a large part of the mission of There is an overwhelming plethora of information on the Internet, and as Mahima learned, it can be a lot of work trying to narrow down so many results. With the platform, the user can conduct a guided search for training programs based on a number of parameters: location, program length, credential earned, technical competencies taught, and more. By enabling these filters, the user receives a set of personalized matches from a database of over 16,000 robotics training programs, and they can save or contact any program right from within as a Resource

Now that Mahima has graduated from her master’s program, she’s ready to search for job offers, and has received a demonstration of job matching. She appreciates that training programs and jobs both create personalized matches based on skills needed or offered and adds that she feels “it is very unique”. She will be searching the regularly updated database of robotics jobs included on for potential matches and is excited for her next chapter. 

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