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The robotics industry is constantly changing and evolving. New robotics technologies and developments in automation are quickly creating exciting career opportunities at every education level – from micro-credentials to PhDs. Here is where you can learn more about robotics careers in manufacturing and how these new technologies are benefiting workers


Succeed in Robotics with

July 10, 2023

The ARM Institute’s free national resource,, is ready to help you succeed in robotics. If you are a current student trying to find an educational path, a current manufacturing worker looking to upskill, or a graduate searching for a job, will get you where you want to go. Our national resource personally matches users to opportunities that match their unique skills and goals, paving the way for current and future employees of all types to succeed in robotics.

For High School Students

If you are a current high school student who knows you are interested in robotics, but you are not sure how to take the next step, can help. With this platform, you can explore more than 16,000 training programs. Use the Guided Search function on to get a personalized set of training program recommendations. 

Our guided search includes key filter options, such as: location, the credential earned, what technical competencies the program will teach, program length, and more. By inputting these various preferences, the platform will search the database and immediately provide you, the user, with the best options. It will even rank the recommended matches and give them a score; the more of your preferences that the program meets, the closer to 100% the match will be. 

After getting your matches, create an account to save your results and follow up on any listings that interest you. With an account, not only can you save your profile information for next time, but you’ll also gain two important things: access to industry-relevant content and the ability to apply for job listings.

For Current Manufacturing Workers

You might think that learning stops after you get a job, but as you get started in any industry, you’ll come to realize that learning never stops. In fact, continuing to expand your knowledge and understanding of the industry can be one of the most fundamental pieces of your development as an employee. helps you on your lifelong learning journey in two unique ways.

One way this resource is meant to help you succeed in robotics is through upskilling. In today’s ever-changing landscape, with technology that continues to evolve, regularly achieving certifications or micro-credentials can add to your earning potential. The database of over 16,000 training programs on is far incredibly varied. Credentials include degrees, workforce certificates, certificates of completion, micro-credentials, apprenticeships, and general industry training. Besides searching for robotics programs to upskill, you can also come to for robotics job opportunities in manufacturing. 

Another way helps you to succeed in robotics is by helping you to find a job relevant to your skills. Similar to the guided search for training programs, there is a guided search for job matches. The filters offered include location, if it’s full-time or part-time, salary range, if it’s remote or on-site, and more. The guided search helps you identify which robotics-related competencies you bring to the table. This helps match you to the job openings, as the job listing will specify which competencies are required for applicants. Once matched, you will need to create an account to save your matches and apply to jobs. You can continue to return to your profile anytime and search for the latest robotics jobs in manufacturing.

For Recent Graduates and Job Seekers

Now that you’ve gone through your educational path and are ready to launch into your career, you may be learning that the process of jobhunting can be just as time-consuming as earning a degree. There are a lot of great sites for finding jobs via keyword searches, but with, you can explore a database of jobs that you know immediately are relevant to the field of robotics. You can also filter jobs more efficiently, or you can use our guided search feature as aforementioned. 

Your profile is your first step towards succeeding in robotics. The benefits of creating a profile, besides saving your selections and applying to the job matches you receive, are numerous. Potential employers can find and contact you; hiring organizations can match their open roles to candidates just as easily as you can be matched to jobs. Our robotics job listings are regularly updated, so you can check back as often as needed, and apply to the latest available openings in robotics manufacturing.

Whatever stage of life you are in, is ready to meet you there and help you achieve your goals. Create your account today to get started!

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