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Thanks to the increased use of robotics, job opportunities in the manufacturing industry are growing. Whether you're a high school student just starting out, a member of the workforce looking to change industries, an experienced manufacturing worker, or are just searching for a higher-paying role, is here to support you at every step of your journey. 

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Today's Manufacturing Industry

What do you picture when you think about working in the manufacturing industry? Manufacturing jobs today look very different from those of the past – and require different skills. Manufacturing jobs today are higher-paying, safe, and see people working alongside advanced technologies like robotics. There are so many career options – find your place in the manufacturing industry today!

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A report by The Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte found that 4.6 million jobs will need to be filled in the U.S. manufacturing over the next decade, and 2.4 million jobs may be left open due to a lack of trained workers. That translates to a lot of opportunities for those with robotics skills.

Explore careers in robotics for manufacturing

Robotics in manufacturing is a growing and exciting field that offers opportunities for job seekers at every level. We've worked with industry, government, and academia to define three primary career pathways and the skills needed for these robotics jobs in manufacturing. Our personalized training and job matching capabilities leverage these defined skills to connect you to opportunities that match your current skills and future goals.
Robotics Technician

Robotics Technicians are focused on the day-to-day maintenance on the manufacturing floor. This exciting entry-level position is perfect for starting your career in robotics for manufacturing.

Robotics Specialist

Robotics Specialists are the subject matter experts on robotic systems on the manufacturing floor and are responsible for proposing upgrades to the systems that can increase productivity. This robotics job requires more training than the Robotics Technician role.

Robotics Integrator

The Robotics Integrator is the subject matter expert on automation and robotics. The Integrator understands how applying robots and automation to the manufacturing floor benefits their operations and will evaluate, design, and implement plans for areas ripe for automation. Of the three positions, the Robotics Integrator requires the highest level of training and experience.

ARM Endorsement Recognizes Industry-Vetted Training Programs

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Finding a training program can be difficult. Our Endorsement program evaluates and identifies the nation’s top-tier training programs for robotics careers in manufacturing. These programs are evaluated by robotics subject matter experts. Only programs that meet the highest standards set by the robotics industry earn ARM Endorsement. Look for the ARM Endorsement badge on program pages to see which programs have earned Endorsement!

Programs are evaluated through the following categories: Relevance to the Industry, Effective Curriculum, Efficiency of the Training, Impact of the Program, Program Sustainability and Transportability.

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We're here to support the full ecosystem needed to correct the manufacturing skills gap, get workers into valuable roles, increase manufacturers' productivity, and connect students to training programs and opportunities they otherwise wouldn't know existed.

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Your robotics journey is unique. uses your skills and goals to connect you directly to job, internship, apprenticeship, and training opportunities to get you exactly where you want to go. Explore career pathways, build your digital skills profile, and get matched to personalized job and training recommendations.

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We've heard the same message from manufacturers across the nation: the biggest hurdle to growth is finding trained workers. Whether you're looking to add to your workforce or upskill your existing workers to take on robotics jobs, we're here to help you navigate your workforce gaps. Create an account to post your jobs and search for qualified candidates - at no cost!

Training Providers

Get your program in front of a national audience of organizations and individuals actively exploring educational opportunities and robotics career paths. Adding your program to our comprehensive and vetted database will help you connect with potential students. Submitting your program for inclusion is free with the option to apply for ARM Endorsement.

Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Advanced Robotics

Robotics has had a significant impact on production lines. Discover how these innovations transformed manufacturing efficiency, shaping the industry's future.

Crafting the Future: AI-Powered Robotics in Manufacturing

Explore the transformative world of AI-powered robotics in manufacturing, covering education, careers, and real-world applications.

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