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The robotics industry is constantly changing and evolving. New robotics technologies and developments in automation are quickly creating exciting career opportunities at every education level – from micro-credentials to PhDs. Here is where you can learn more about robotics careers in manufacturing and how these new technologies are benefiting workers


The Evolution of Robotics Careers

February 23, 2022

With every technological leap has come the fear that technology will replace jobs. However, while technology may be replacing certain jobs of the past, it’s always opening the doors to many other jobs of the future. 

Robotics has been a great example of this. When robots began regularly appearing in manufacturing over the last half of the 20th century, they took over many tasks that were dangerous to workers. Tasks like handling toxic materials or lifting and moving heavy objects were much easier for robots. 

Of course, robots need workers who are trained in using, maintaining, installing, designing, and programming them. Rather than stealing jobs, this integration of robots into the workplace has created a huge demand for workers in the field. 

As robotics technology itself continues to evolve, the evolution of robotics careers is moving right alongside it. 


Robotics Workers Are More In Demand Than Ever

Robots have been a regular part of manufacturing for decades now, but it was the recent pandemic that really highlighted their necessity. Manufacturers who had not embraced automation quickly realized the importance of robotics in supplementing and helping the human workforce, and more robots were installed all over the nation, and even the world. 

As people began returning to work, the need for robotics workers was higher than ever. There are estimates out there that predict a need to fill hundreds of thousands of robotics jobs over the next decade or so, and that need is only increasing. 

If there was ever a time to enter the field of robotics, this is it. 


The 3 Basic Kinds of Robotics Careers

We’ve broken down the different kinds of robotics careers into 3 levels. 

The first level, or the point where many people enter the field, is the robotics technician. These people are responsible for working with the robots on a day-to-day basis on the manufacturing floor. They need to be able to operate and maintain the robots as they perform their functions. 

The second level is the robotics specialist. These workers operate on a more zoomed out level and are responsible for the robotics system as a whole. They identify areas where robots can be used to optimize the manufacturing process, and oversee the installation of new machines. They also pay more than the other roles. 

The third level is the robotics integrator. These are the people who design and program the actual robots, operating at the highest level of technical skill and knowledge. 


You Can Evolve Your Career In Robotics

One of the best things about a robotics career is that you can take it as far as you want. You’re wide open to start off as a robotics technician and work your way up the pyramid, learning and improving as you gain experience and working knowledge. 

Also, you might be thinking that there’s a major educational barrier to entry. In fact, you can start as a robotics technician with a two year degree or a trade school certification, so you don’t need to invest all that time and money to obtain a 4 year degree to start. 

If you have ever been interested in a robotics career, you should know that you might be closer to taking on these jobs than you might think! 

Just use our education search tool on the home page and search by city and state to find programs near you. You’ll be sure to spot something that will work for your long-term goals, and from there you’re just a few clicks away from beginning a career that will change your life. 


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