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These Are the Top 5 Fields That Employ Robotics Technicians

March 16, 2021

The use of robots is growing in every industry, at almost every level. If there are robots, then you can bet there will be a need for technicians to service, update, maintain, and manage them. Here at the ARM Institute, we have found that these are the top five fields employing robotics technicians.  

1. Manufacturing

It should come as no surprise that the largest employer of robotics technicians is also the largest user of robots in the world. Manufacturing is often the first industry to benefit most from technological advancement, and the growing field of robotics is no different. According to the National Association of Manufacturers, approximately 8.5% of the national workforce is employed in manufacturing, accounting for about 11% of the national economic output. 

A robotics technician in the manufacturing sector will be responsible for the smooth operation of the entire facility.

2. Agriculture

Another large user of robots is the agricultural industry. A growing global population, increasing along with the rapid rise in technological advancement, has been a boon not only for the consumers of agriculture but for those who work in it. 

Robots can help to meet this growing demand. Some of the more common uses of agricultural robots include precise robotic armatures that can reduce the need for pesticides and increase overall efficiency impossible with conventional technologies. Robotics technicians are vital in the ecosystem of the agricultural industry, providing core skills that guarantee a continued operation of farms and fields.

3. Healthcare

According to Business Wire, the healthcare industry accounted for about $11 trillion of global market value, showing historic growth year over year. With an aging population and constant new challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, this growth comes as no surprise. As with any successful industry, there is a place for robots in healthcare.

While the robots that get the most press in medicine tend to be the advanced surgical robots using telemanipulators operated by surgeons, other robotic applications in medicine include serving remote populations with telepresence, and even non-medical applications like restocking, cleaning, and disinfecting with superhuman precision.


4. Logistics

Even if so many of us weren’t working from home and conducting most of our shopping online, warehouses and order fulfillment services have been booming businesses. Lockdowns, quarantines, and other challenges have put stress at new and unexpected points in the supply chain. More than ever, human logistics professionals have been relying on robots to help keep the wheels of American commerce moving. We can see this in a literal sense, as more and more warehouses implement robots in a 24-hour cycle of storing and retrieving goods on demand.  

5. Military

Robots have many uses in the military. Some can be deployed to keep soldiers safe, as in the case of robots that can diffuse bombs. Military robotics programs can also be used in sustaining military equipment, like helicopters and other critical pieces of military equipment. Behind these important applications are robotics technicians working on the maintenance, repair, and operation of robotic tools.

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