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The robotics industry is constantly changing and evolving. New robotics technologies and developments in automation are quickly creating exciting career opportunities at every education level – from micro-credentials to PhDs. Here is where you can learn more about robotics careers in manufacturing and how these new technologies are benefiting workers


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September 28, 2023

Manufacturers, also called makers, are critical to our world. They create and power the things we use everyday, from the food we eat to the computer you're using to read this blog post. While our celebration of manufacturers continues all year, the rest of the nation primarily celebrates the importance of manufacturing during the month of October.

Manufacturing Day technically takes place on October 6, but events celebrating Manufacturing Day extend throughout October! You can find events near you here. Manufacturing Day is important - not just for celebrating those currently working in manufacturing, but also for showing students and job seekers what's possible in manufacturing. Many students (and even teachers and parents) still have an outdated view of manufacturing. They still might consider these careers to be outdated or unstable. In reality, robots are creating more manufacturing career opportunities than ever before while taking on the dull, dirty, or dangerous tasks. 

Check out some free resources below that you can use to learn about robotics careers in manufacturing or teach your students about these careers.

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