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New Report Shows Closing the Gender Gap Will Fill Manufacturing Roles

January 25, 2023

Anybody who's been following us for a while knows that we at the ARM Institute have made it our mission to fill robotics roles in manufacturing. The simple fact is that the need for skilled robotics workers is very quickly outpacing the number of qualified people.

Well, a newly released report from The Manufacturing Institute concludes that one way to go about filling those roles is to close the gender gap. In fact, the report claims that bringing in 6% more women would be enough to fill all of the open jobs.

The Gender Gap is Real

The gender gap is a real problem in the United States, and it's especially prevalent in manufacturing. According to the report, only 29 percent of US manufacturing employees are women, even though they make up 58 percent of the overall labor force (though that number is declining).

There Are Multiple Reasons for the Gender Gap in Manufacturing

The Manufacturing Institute has found that one of the major contributing factors to the gender gap is a lack of child care options/support in manufacturing. Women are more likely to work part-time or leave the workforce altogether if there is not enough support for childcare.

Additionally, another issue is a lack of professional development and mentorship opportunities for women in the manufacturing industry. Implementing more continuing education and professional development opportunities for women in robotics and the manufacturing industry could help close the gender gap.

Diversity Is Key to Filling Robotics Jobs in Manufacturing

Robotics as a field is relatively young, and the need for qualified workers is high. Closing the gender gap and bringing in more women to fill roles in robotics could help alleviate some of the stress that manufacturers are feeling when trying to fill these roles.

As a still developing field, there is a unique opportunity to establish robotics in manufacturing as a beacon for diversity and  inclusivity. It could be a field in which women and men can work together, and where new technologies are developed to help address the gender gap issue.

At the ARM Institute, we believe that by bringing more people from different backgrounds into robotics roles, it will only make the industry stronger. We know that closing the gender gap is an important part of this, and the Manufacturing Institute's report is a great step in helping us to achieve that goal.

We are committed to creating an environment where diversity is embraced and celebrated, and everyone feels welcome and respected. We look forward to continuing our work towards closing the gender gap in robotics by providing the robotics workforce of tomorrow all of the resources they need to find the training and education that will help them succeed.

Reports like this one should be seen as a wake up call  for the industry. It's time to take action and do our part to close the gender gap, fill the open roles in robotics, and create a manufacturing sector that is inclusive for everyone.

We can't wait to see the impact that closing the gender gap in robotics will have on the industry, and what innovations await us! Let's all work together towards making it happen.


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