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Why Your Kid Wanting to Go to a 2-Year School Can Be a Good Thing

December 2, 2022

Why Your Kid Wanting to Go to a 2-Year School Can Be a Good Thing

For some parents, there's a stigma around 2-year schools that suggests they are somehow lesser than traditional 4-year colleges and universities.  But the truth is that a 2-year school can be a great option for a lot of kids, especially those children hoping to work in robotics. In fact, a 2-year degree is all it takes to prepare somebody for a rewarding and well-paying job like a robotics technician. 


The Benefits of 2-Year Schools

There are actually quite a few benefits that come along with attending a 2-year school, especially for students interested in robotics. For one, 2-year schools typically have smaller class sizes. This means that your child will get more individualized attention from their professors, which can be extremely beneficial when it comes to learning complex subjects like robotics and automation.


In addition, 2-year robotics technician schools also tend to be less expensive than 4-year institutions. This can be a great benefit for families who want to avoid taking out student loans.


Finally, many 2-year schools have strong partnerships with local businesses. This can provide students with valuable opportunities to gain experience in the field and to make connections that can lead to future employment, as well as provide opportunities for apprenticeships.

Also, many 2-year schools offer degrees that can be transferred to  4-year schools, so your child can always continue their education if they decide to do so.


For all of these reasons, a 2-year school can be a great option for your child if they are interested in robotics. With smaller class sizes, lower tuition costs, and strong partnerships with businesses, 2-year schools offer many benefits that traditional 4-year colleges and universities simply cannot match.


Robotics Technicians Generally Don't Need More Than a 2-Year Degree

For kids who want to work in robotics, a 2-year degree can provide a perfect gateway into the field as a robotics technician.  In most cases, robotics technicians do not need more than a 2-year degree or a trade school certificate to find work.


This runs contrary to the popular notion that it takes years and years of schooling to work with robots. Robotics technician roles require many practical and mechanical skills that are learned through practice and on-the-job experience, so the actual academic requirements are lighter than many would assume.

So if your kid tells you that they want to attend a two-year school for robotics, this is nothing to be upset about. It's actually an indication that your child has done their research and knows what it takes to get a good start to an amazing career as a part of the future of robotics and manufacturing.

How to Find the Best 2-Year Robotics Programs for Your Kid

Now comes the tough part. Your kid wants to go to a 2-year robotics program, but how can you find the right one? Okay, we lied when we said this was the tough part. It's actually pretty simple.


On the homepage of, you'll find a search tool that allows you to find the best robotics program from a database that covers the entire U.S.A. You can sort by location, program format, and more. You can use the tool to look for robotics technician programs, or use it to find a great internship opportunity. 


At the end of the day, your kid going to a 2-year school for robotics could be the best decision they’ve ever made. They’ll have a great job in robotics that pays well and offers rewarding challenges and incredible job security for years to come.  And, better still, they won’t be tens of thousands of dollars in student debt because of it. 


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