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How to Use -- Endorsements

May 18, 2021

One of the standout features of is the education provider database that allows prospective students and trainees from around the country to find the best programs in their area. 

While simply being included in that database is a great way to connect your programs with education seekers, becoming endorsed by the ARM Institute places your organization in the top-tier of our recommendations. 

If you’re already included as an education provider, consider applying for an endorsement and taking your programs to the next level of recognition. 

What is an ARM Endorsement?

There is another level of recognition beyond general inclusion in our program database. We call this becoming endorsed by the ARM Institute, and it places your program in the upper echelon with our highest recommendation. 

ARM Endorsement helps your organization become recognized as a leader in providing advanced manufacturing and robotics education. It’s our way of recognizing the proficiency of your programs in terms of education and the level of preparation your organization provides to those entering the Industry 4.0 workforce. 

Simply put, an ARM Endorsement is a big, prestigious spotlight that highlights your organization and all that you’re doing to be the cream of the crop in robotics and automation education. 

How Does Endorsement Happen?

To receive an ARM Endorsement, your organization must meet the requirements of our audit metrics, the full list of which can be found here.

If you feel that your organization meets those requirements, the first step then is to apply for an endorsement on 

Your organization will be audited on a variety of bases, such as relevance to the industry, efficiency of the training, program sustainability, and more. ARM will issue you an initial audit report that will identify areas that require additional information, along with recommendations to improve your chances of earning the endorsement. Or, if your organization meets the requirements, you will be informed of the next steps of the process. 

After the initial audit, the ARM Auditor will schedule a virtual Full Review to complete the audit. This review includes auditing the equipment used in the program, the responses to the student and industry surveys, and a review of the data collection methods you will use to supply the ARM Institute with yearly program and student data. 

When our auditor has found that you meet those requirements, you will be awarded a Certificate of Endorsement. Along with that, each of your approved programs will be displayed on our site with an ARM Endorsed Badge and will receive priority listing in our search results. 

Endorsements have to be renewed every three years, which can be done online while keeping ARM up-to-date annually about any major changes to your programs. 

Be a Part of the Workforce Solution

We believe that education and training is the key to successfully filling the millions of jobs that will be opening up over the next decade in manufacturing, and we’re extremely excited to be working with so many wonderful organizations in helping to make that happen. 

If you’re a part of our educator database and you want to become endorsed, please first ensure that your program(s) are listed and are accurate in their representation of the robotic training programs at your institution. If everything is up to date, feel free to reach out and begin the application process. 

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