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Future Trends in Robotics: 2022 and Beyond

March 21, 2022

Robots are continuing to reshape the world around us as they revolutionize manufacturing processes and open up new job opportunities. As the technology behind robotics continues to push boundaries and evolve, their limitations shrink and we find new ways to apply them to productivity. 

While robotics is already an incredibly interesting and exciting field, it’s even more exciting to see new applications of robotics and new capabilities developing.  

Below, we’ll take a look at where we think robots might be heading in the near future as we examine future trends in robotics. 

Not Just For Large Manufacturers Anymore

There was a time when only the largest manufacturers could afford to install robotics systems. However, in recent times we’ve seen more and more smaller and mid-sized companies invest in robotics. 

Part of this is likely due to the way that the pandemic increased demands for products while also temporarily hampering the availability of the workforce. Additionally, the cost of implementing robotics has become more affordable for a larger segment of manufacturers. Finally, advances in technology (both hardware and software) have increased the flexibility of how robots are applied in manufacturing. This allows more manufacturers to start deploying robots as part of their manufacturing operations. 

The fact that robots are seen more as an investment than simply an expense means that more companies are going to continue to install robotics systems of their own. 

Robots Will Reduce the Carbon Footprint

Manufacturers looking to reduce their carbon footprint will drive the development of even more energy-efficient robots. 

Modern robots are already energy-efficient and directly reduce the energy consumption necessary for production. Additionally, they make less mistakes and produce fewer rejected products or errors, thus improving the input over output ratio. 

On top of that, they’re being used to aid in the cost-efficient production of green energy equipment and machinery. 

We think this efficiency will only increase as technology moves forward. 

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the most exciting trends in robotics. It allows robots to make decisions based on logic, leaving them able to perform more complex tasks like selective bin picking. 

As AI becomes more developed and integrated into manufacturing robotics systems, they’ll be able to more seamlessly integrate into production. Artificial intelligence will allow robots to make on-the-spot decisions. 

An example would be a robot being able to identify and select the parts it needs from a bin while leaving everything else alone, or determining when there’s a flaw in a part and rejecting it without the need for worker input. 

Factories Will Get Smarter

IIoT, or industrial internet of things, is becoming more and more of a reality. We predict that it won’t be long until we see “smart” robots capable of connecting to each other to the point that entire factories are composed of communicating robots. 

What that means is that robots will be able to interact with one another to greatly optimize the production process. In fact, this is already being seen on the assembly lines in car manufacturing plants. The individual cars are able to be decoupled from the line and moved to assembly stations by robots as-needed when they’re being outfitted with customizations. For instance, if a higher-specced version of a car calls for different detailing, then the robots are aware of this and able to make those changes on their own without human intervention. 

The Future of Your Career

One trend that can’t be ignored is the rising need for robotics workers. 

If you’re somebody who has an interest in the future of robotics, why not become a part of it?

The best way to get started is to head on over to the homepage and use the search tool at the top to find robotics programs in your city and state. From there, you can select the best matches for your circumstances and get more information on applying. 

Robotics as a career is an exciting field that’s open to limitless possibilities. The only thing it’s really missing is you. 


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