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How to Use — Upskilling for a Robotics Job

August 17, 2021

A lot of people who are interested in careers in robotics are intimidated by what they imagine the requirements are in terms of education and training. The reality is that you may already be closer than you think to having the necessary skills for a robotics job alongside some of the most sophisticated and advanced robots in today’s manufacturing industry, especially if you already have experience working in manufacturing. Many of the skills required for a job like a robotics technician are things that are already present in a lot of mechanically inclined professions. For instance, working with car engines or electrical applications can provide a solid foundation of skills and knowledge that could be built upon for application in working with modern robotics. In these cases, all that might be required is a little upskilling, or building on existing abilities, to begin an exciting career on a manufacturing floor alongside some of the most technologically advanced industrial machines to date. 

Not Just Degree Programs 

The ARM Institute created to connect people interested in robotics careers with training programs from around the country, and that goes beyond just degree programs. We recognize the vast number of people who are already in the manufacturing and manufacturing-adjacent industries who only require a little upskilling to make the jump to working with robots. What this means is that our search tool isn’t only helping you find degree programs that will take years to complete, but it also encompasses shorter robotics training programs and robotics certificate programs that serve to fill in the gaps and provide the workforce with fully capable employees who are already experienced in mechanical areas. 

How to Search for Training Programs 

Let’s say you’re mechanically inclined, but your knowledge of computers and software is a little lacking. By filling in that gap, you’ll be more prepared to begin a career as a robotics technician, but you’re not sure where to start. To begin, go to The first thing you’ll notice at the top of the page is our search tool so you can begin searching for an appropriate program right away. 

First, we’ll enter something like “information systems certificate” into the search bar, as that matches the technical skill that we’re looking to fulfill. Under search type, “Program” is selected by default and we’ll want to leave it that way since we’re looking for a program and not an organization. Under state, let’s just change it to Arkansas for now and see what we come up with. 

As you can see, the top result is a computer information systems certificate program offered through Arkansas Northeastern College. 

If that sounds interesting to us, we can just click on the entry to open up an information panel containing more information. Here we see some quick stats, like the length of the program and a description of the earned credentials. At the bottom of the description is a link to the college’s own page  about the program. 

A Future at Your Fingertips 

Whether you’re on a personal journey to upskill your way into a robotics career, or your employer is looking to further train your abilities, is here to connect you to the training programs that will get you there. There’s no time like right now to take that first step onto a path that will lead to fulfilling opportunities, and we’re proud to be able to help you along the way. All of the thousands of programs in our network are vetted by the ARM Institute and able to provide the training and education that will get you where you’re going. So what are you waiting for? Go to the homepage and start searching!

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