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Essex High School is a public secondary school located in Essex Junction, Vermont. The school's sports team is the Hornets and the school's colors are blue and gold. Essex High School is the second largest high school after CVU and is the largest secondary technical school in Vermont.

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2 Educational Drive, Suite 200, Essex Junction, Vermont 05452
(802) 879-7532

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The school is accredited as a public secondary school by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and by the Vermont Department of Education. EHS adjoins the Center for Technology, Essex, a technical and vocational school. Students can enroll concurrently in both high school and technical programs; approximately ten percent of students do so each year.The school has accelerated programs in Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English, French and Spanish; honors courses in English and Mathematics; and a selection of fourteen Advanced Placement courses. The school also offers media and computer facilities.

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