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IYRS School of Technology & Trades is a non-profit, post-secondary experiential learning institution in Newport, Rhode Island and is the premier marine trades and modern manufacturing school in the United States. IYRS offers education & training programs for people with a passion for thinking and working through their hands.

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449 Thames St, Newport, Rhode Island 02840
(401) 339-4506

What IYRS School of Technology and Trades can offer you.

Our students are aspiring craftspeople, designers, makers, and technicians who come to IYRS to learn advanced craftsmanship and technical skills to create successful careers and richer lives. IYRS students go on to careers across a wide range of industries, including yacht building, historic restoration, fine furniture making, wind energy, aerospace, consumer goods prototyping, and more.

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Take the first step towards your career in robotics in manufacturing! All of the training on has been vetted by industry experts and will give you the skills that employers need.

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