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Cumberland is located in the north eastern region of Rhode Island. The Cumberland School District has eight schools. The five elementary schools – Ashton, B.F. Norton, Community, Garvin Memorial and J.J.M. Cumberland Hill – all five offer full day kindergarten. Ashton Elementary houses the Cumberland Preschool Center.

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2600 Mendon Road, Cumberland, Rhode Island 02864
(401) 658-1600

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The school system is led by its seven-member School Committee that is elected to serve for two years and includes a Chairperson, Vice-chairperson and Clerk. The School Committee hires a Superintendent of Schools to administer policies and to manage and lead learning in the district. The Cumberland Superintendent of Schools (in chronological order) are Mr. Robert Condon, Dr. Robert McGinnis, Mr. Rodney McFarlin, Dr. Robert Patterson, Mr. Robert Wallace (1993–1996), Mr. Joseph Nasif (1996–2005), Dr. Donna Morelle (2005–2011), Dr. Phil Thornton (2011–2015), and Mr. Robert Mitchell (2015–present).

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