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The Robotics Institute of Maine (RIM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing opportunities to middle and high school students to explore robotics in a competitive, yet supportive environment.  We work with both the FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC) and VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) to ensure that every student in every corner of Maine has the opportunity to participate, learn, and grow.  Every year, RIM works directly with thousands of students, as well as hundreds of teachers, mentors, and volunteers to expose students from all across the state to a hands-on STEM education.

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33 Mcalister Farm Road, N/A, Portland, Maine 04103
(207) 747-4406

What Robotic Institute of Maine can offer you.

The state of Maine is facing a difficult reality: we are not preparing our young people for the workforce needs of the future. The manufacturing and technology industries in Maine are on the rise! However, there is a major shortage of high-skilled workers graduating to meet this new demand. Our educational system continues to struggle to inspire young people to pursue majors and careers in the STEM fields. This is where competitive robotics can make a significant impact. By developing STEM knowledge in a sport-like atmosphere, robotics competitions help students to develop the necessary skills to be successful in a technology-based career. However, these programs are expensive, and they require mentors who have technical skills. RIM provides the support needed in order to grow and sustain these much-needed programs!

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