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Our employees, from technicians to administration including executive level staff have high expectations of each other and the company. We understand that to meet our expectations, commitment and performance start with each individual. We understand that we will operate on the notion that first and foremost, we support each other—through kindness, empathy, trust and open & honest communication. We treat one another like human beings, (With this … it may sound silly to some, but the idea of every individual contributing with a separate set of objectives, separate goals and distinct job descriptions, actually contribute to a less productive and less supportive environment). We operate under a flat management structure. We ask every employee to function independently, both on-and-off site, to provide leadership to those that need it and deliver assistance, in a constructive and supportive manner, to staff members that require training or job-centric education.

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755 Banefield Road, Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801
(603) 319-8389

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The Capstone Mechanical team is made up of an extraordinary group of bright, hardworking and passionate individuals—all with unique, creative and highly effective skill sets and all with a passion to solve problems and provide a customer service experience second to none. We hire people that share the same enthusiasm our founders expressed when the company was formed in 2011.

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