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Waypoint Robotics was born out of a simple concept – build autonomous mobile robots that are scalable, flexible, and accessible for the workforce who uses them. Since 2017, Waypoint has lived by this mission, designing and manufacturing the easiest-to-use AMRs on the market today. Our full line of industrial-strength robots and accessory products are helping businesses innovate, optimize, and redefine what it means to empower the workforce.

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248 Main Dunstable Rd,, Nashua, New Hampshire 03062
(603) 288-1605

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Waypoint’s manufacturing mobile robots are the most advanced and intuitive AMRs, built for workers to deploy in real-world, industrial environments. The intuitive design, omnidirectional mobility, and user-friendly interface means you can immediately put it to work moving parts, materials, and tools even in the most unpredictable and changing conditions. With customizable features and heavy-duty construction, these mobile robots are flexible and reliable for any manufacturing or factory setting.

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