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Shimmy Technologies is a women-owned and operated Industry 4.0 company preparing the apparel industry for the future of work by developing design, data management, and workforce development applications. Shimmy is a graduate of MIT SOLVE Workforce of the Future Cohort, Acumen Fund’s CivicX Future of Work Accelerator, New Lab, and the New York Fashion Tech Lab (Springboard).

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19 Morris Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11205
(917) 704-6746

What Shimmy Technologies can offer you.

An AI‑based training software game that prepares workers in apparel manufacturing for dignified, secure work of the future in advance of automation. Shimmy Upskill was built to benefit everyone in fashion. Our software runs on a simple, multilingual interface that is targeted at garment worker with little to no experience using computers or even smartphones. Shimmy Upskill guides users through the modules with both voice and written instructions as well as easily identifiable symbols and visualizations that are familiar to garment workers. The simple design makes the software scalable across different regions. Shimmy partners with apparel brands, manufacturers, and NGOs that are interested in training their workforce with digital skills. Contact us for more information on pilot opportunities.

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