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The Joint Industry Board of the Electrical Industry was founded on March 30, 1943 as a joint-management ooperative organization by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union No. 3 and the National Electrical Contractors Association to promote harmony between employers and employees, administer benefits for members and their families, and improve the electrical construction industry through progressive management, education, training and advanced technology.

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The Apprentice Program of the Electrical Industry of IBEW Local Union No. 3 includes a minimum of 35 hours per week on-the-job training for four years plus the following requirements: Mandatory attendance at related instruction for four (4) hours per week; Classroom instruction in Electrical Theory; and Three (3) hours per week in college courses leading to an associate degree. The fifth and final period will consist of four (4) hours per week of related instruction for 18 months and a minimum of 35 hours per week of work (from 18 months to two years).

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