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Wesleyan University is a private liberal arts university in Middletown, Connecticut. Wesleyan's 46 undergraduate academic departments offer over 900 courses each semester and more than 900 individual tutorials. Wesleyan also offers 13 interdisciplinary programs and nine Academic Centers. Wesleyan began offering minors in February 2012 and at present offers eleven minors; more minors are under consideration. Certificates are offered in eleven fields. Wesleyan also has 11 graduate departmental programs in the sciences, mathematics, computer science, psychology, and music.

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45 Wyllys Ave, Middletown, Connecticut 06459
(860) 685-2972

What Wesleyan University can offer you.

Wesleyan University offers an undergraduate major in computer science, as well as a Master's program in computer science. Undergraduate students may achieve the BA with honors in computer science by writing an honor thesis under the supervision of a faculty member.

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