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Robert C. Byrd Institute, named after United States Senator Robert Byrd, encourages job creation, economic development, innovation and entrepreneurship by supporting manufacturing companies of all sizes. We offer leading-edge equipment use and specialized training for everyone from sole proprietors to Fortune 500 companies. This institute’s goal is to use their Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centers across West Virginia to provide the resources that individuals and companies need to create, sustain, and expand their businesses. In addition to providing leased use of high-tech equipment, workforce development programs, Quality Management Implementation, and customized workforce training, RCBI assists companies in electronic networking and procurement - particularly with federal contracts. The technologies available at RCBI Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centers are among the best in the world, providing companies across the Mid-Atlantic region services that would not otherwise be readily available to them. In particular, RCBI offers Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology with 3D Printers through its Design Works labs and is a national Center of Excellence for composite materials providing support to NASA engineers as well as first-tier Department of Defense suppliers in West Virginia. These activities help ensure that RCBI fulfills its mission of developing a quality, just-in-time supplier base for the Department of Defense as well as other agencies and the commercial sector.

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100 Angus E. Peyton Drive, South Charleston, West Virginia 25303
(304) 720-7741

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Robert C. Byrd Institute offers a multitude of programs in robotics, basic programming, industrial machinery, and mechanical maintenance. Their faculty and staff are well educated, trained, and most of all interested in the student and their success. With every program, an individual will find effective and valuable training by professionals that really care about providing education.

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