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Ripon College is a private liberal arts college in Ripon, Wisconsin. Students may choose from 32 majors, a variety of pre-professional advising options and also opt to self-design a major. Off-campus study is highly encouraged; nearly one-third of all Ripon College students elect to spend a semester off-campus on a focused area of study. Under the Catalyst Curriculum, Ripon students take five Catalyst courses that focus on solving real-world problems. After completing the curriculum, students receive a certificate in Applied Innovation.

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300 W. Seward St., Ripon, Wisconsin 54971
(920) 748-8115

What Ripon College can offer you.

Ripon College offers a computer science major and minor. Students pursuing the computer science Bachelor's degree can choose between an interdisciplinary major and a computer science/mathematics major. The computer science and data science minor consists of five courses.

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