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The United States is a maritime nation, and the U.S. Navy protects America at sea. Alongside our allies and partners, we defend freedom, preserve economic prosperity, and keep the seas open and free. Our nation is engaged in long-term competition. To defend American interests around the globe, the U.S. Navy must remain prepared to execute our timeless role, as directed by Congress and the President.

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121 Blake Road, Annapolis, Maryland 21402
(410) 293-3822

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As part of the Joint Force, we deploy forward—alongside our allies and partners—to deter aggression and preserve freedom of the seas. Our global posture ensures the presence of naval forces with the right mix of platforms, capability, and capacity to maintain freedom of the seas, support international law and norms, stand by our allies, and continue to fly, sail, and operate wherever international law allows. America's Navy is a flexible, forward-postured force that competes and wins in the day-to-day, in crisis, and—if need be—in conflict.

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