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In 2020, SOFWOLF leadership has designed a more robust, scenario-driven approach to building relevant skillsets to future professions in Machine Learning, Automation, Robotics and Cyber Security and Spatial Awareness (MARS). SOFWOLF is working with academia, start-ups, and Fortune 100 companies to learn, share, and identify technical gaming frameworks and skillsets that will make a difference in a rapidly changing world; where reality and virtual merge to create the metaverse. SOFWOLF will apply research and build its annual scenario-driven events on a collaborative training and exercise gaming environment developed by and for our U.S. Special Operations Forces. First responders and retired Special Operators lead the live scenario driven events. This enables SOFWOLF students to achieve the mission critical skillsets that shape a better future.

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450 8th Ave, S, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701
(202) 256-3726

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Mission-Driven Drone/Robotics Training

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