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Dunwoody College of Technology is a private technology school in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It offers Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Architecture and Associate of Applied Science degrees, as well as certificate programs across more than 45 majors and areas of study. Dunwoody students are educated on the latest industry tools and technologies, with access to many academic workshops, labs, and equipment for additional hands-on experience inside and outside of the classroom. Some of their facilities include the Controls Engineering Lab; Engineering, Materials, Mechanics & Metrology Lab; Gene Haas Manufacturing Innovation Lab; Computer Hardware Lab; Industrial Robotics Lab; and Programmable Controls Lab.

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818 Dunwoody Boulevard, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
(612) 381-3099

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Dunwoody College of Technology offers associate's degrees, bachelor's degree, and technical certificate programs. Areas of study for their associate's degrees include automated systems and robotics, industrial engineering technology, electronics engineering technology, and industrial controls and robotics. Students can earn a bachelor's degree in electronics technology, automation and controls engineering technology, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering technology, and electrical engineering. Topics for the certificate programs are industrial controls and electronics technology. Students in the certificate programs gain a minimu of 23 college credits, which can directly transfer into Dunwoody's associate's degrees.

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