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St. John's University is a private men's college in Collegeville, Minnesota. The university has a shared curriculum with the College of Saint Benedict, a women's college in St. Joseph, Minnesota. Students at St. John's have access to the shared resources of both institutions. The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University both consistently rank among the top 100 liberal arts colleges in the country.

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2850 Abbey Plaza, Collegeville, Minnesota 56321
(320) 290-3753

What Saint John's University can offer you.

St. John's University offers bachelor's degrees in computer science and numerical computation, as well as a pre-engineering programs and a minor in data analytics. Students interested in engineering have the option to take one to two years of pre-engineering courses at St. John's, then transfer to an engineering school in pursuit of a bachelor's degree. Alternatively, St. John's also provides a Dual Bachelor's Degree program, where students take three years of courses at SJU followed by two years at an engineering school.

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