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Mech-Tech College is an Institution of Higher and Technical Education whose mission is to train and retrain young people and adults with the necessary competencies so that they can compete for the employment opportunities that arise in them or stay in them. It received its authorization license to operate in July 1984 and began operations in September 1984, with a group of one hundred and two (102) students in a basic and secondary education course; in the city of Caguas, Puerto Rico.

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Parque Industrial Oeste, Calle B #39-40, Caguas, Puerto Rico 00725
(877) 800-8033

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Three (3) technical study programs began in March 1985: Electromechanics, Automatic Transmissions, and Automotive Mechanics. Later, Diesel Mechanics, Automobile Mechanics with Computerized Injection, Automobile Electromechanics, Automotive Mechanic Technician, Automotive Mechanic Technician, Industrial Electricity, Industrial Electromechanics, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Industrial Electronics, Turning (General Mechanics) and Die and Hardware were incorporated. (Tool & Die Maker).

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