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Atlantic University College is a non-profit educational institution located in the city of Guaynabo. It is the first and only university-level Institution in this town. It is located in a pleasant and welcoming environment. It is home to one of the historic buildings of the city, next to the Mayor's House and in front of the Church, which surrounds it with historical memories of the architectural influence of Spanish culture. Atlantic University College was born in response to the need in the community for an institution of higher education due to the growing business demand for specialized and highly educated personnel. While providing educational opportunities, Atlantic University College strives to provide its students with a caring climate that allows them to develop holistically as individuals. The Institution has assumed the commitment to offer its enrollment an education that promotes excellence at all levels: educational, cultural and social. The mission of AUC is to Provide university education of excellence, as leaders in science and digital arts, contributing to the integral development of our students in a democratic environment, which allows them to perform successfully and contribute to the economic, political and social development of their country, maintaining a commitment to continuous evaluation and institutional improvement.

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9 Calle George L Colton, PO Box 3918, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico 00969
(787) 720-1022

What Atlantic University College can offer you.

Atlantic University College offers various technical programs such as digital animation, graphic design, video game art and design with concentrations such as information systems, programming, web development and computer animation. Students develop hands-on equipment and laboratory learning skills and advance skills such as problem solving, technical learning ability, technology aptitude and critical thinking. Graduates of these programs will be able to create innovation solutions to computer design challenges as well as be able to work with data communications.

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