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Volt Power, formerly T&D Solutions and Associated Diversified Services, joined Artera Services in 2012. Our mission is to be the power delivery industry’s leading service provider and employer of choice. We achieve our mission each day by providing cutting edge services to the power industry and by maintaining an uncompromising focus on our core values: People, Safety, Integrity, Accountability, Transparency, Continuous Improvement, and Excellence. Collectively we are a talented and diverse workforce, comprising the best people across the utility services industry. We are committed to workforce training and professional growth for our team members. We embrace new skills and technologies. Safety is our #1 priority.

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3100 Interstate Circle E, Atlanta, Georgia 30339
(833) 240-8658

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Our employees are our greatest asset. When you thrive, we thrive — and the entire electric industry operates on all circuits. That’s the power of people. Get started in the electrical services industry with a guided apprenticeship. Advance from lineman to foreman with Volt’s Foreman Leadership Program. Feel secure, knowing that Volt’s comprehensive, ongoing safety training prioritizes your well-being.

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