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Located on Tech Ridge, (formerly home to the St. George Regional Airport) Dixie Technical College is one of eight fully accredited technical colleges in the Utah System of Technical Colleges. For many years, the site served as a place where people could take flight to new and interesting destinations. Dixie Tech still makes use of a portion of the runway, but more importantly, the entire campus now offers students an opportunity to take off into a better or new career. The college setting alone will lift and inspire! Our campus provides state of the art learning spaces designed to optimize every aspect of the student experience. Classrooms and labs have been customized for each unique certificate program. Common areas throughout encourage study, collaboration, and social skill enhancement. Our instructors are, first and foremost, experts in their industries. They have a rare enthusiasm when it comes to teaching. Their number one goal is to have each student become fully competent and land a great job. Support staff are equally committed to the success of each and every student. Our education model is competency based which means that we do everything we can to assure that students can actually “do” whatever it is that they came here for. We expect each student to work hard and meet industry standards as they progress through their programs. Every program has an “Occupational Advisory Committee,” made up of local employers, that reviews curriculum and teaching methods several times a year to assure that we are truly preparing students to be successful at work. Our mission/vision is: Forward Thinking, Future Focused, Career Ready and we take it very seriously! At Dixie Tech, people still take flight to new and interesting destinations; typically careers that they enter with competence and confidence!

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610 S Tech Ridge Dr, St. George, Utah 84770
(435) 674-8400

What Dixie Technical College can offer you.

We have 23 technical certificate programs, nationally accredited through Council on Occupational Education. Each offers an opportunity to learn and develop skill, marketable skill to set you on the pathway to a rewarding career. Our programs are competency based which means you work and learn until you are competent. Competency creates confidence and together they lead to independence as you secure a career that enables you to support yourself and your family. It’s how the magic happens.

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Take the first step towards your career in robotics in manufacturing! All of the training on has been vetted by industry experts and will give you the skills that employers need.

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