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"Atenas College is a nonprofit higher education and technical vocational institution, founded on October 7, 1996 in Manatí, Puerto Rico by a group of educators led by Dr. María L. Hernández-Núñez, now president of the Institution. The academic offer of Atenas College is directed to programs related to health at the baccalaureate, associate degree and vocational technical levels, but is not limited to these. The educational model is one based on competencies and focused on learning outcomes. It integrates experiential learning theory and simulation theory.

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101 Pso Del Atenas, Manatí, Puerto Rico 00674
(787) 884-3838

What Atenas College can offer you.

We are an institution of higher education that offers academic options in various modalities, which integrates the arts, sciences, information and communication technologies. We promote a culture of service centered on the student of the Puerto Rican and global community, fostering a humanistic and comprehensive training that increases the competencies of the individual.

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