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Snead State Community College began its tradition of educational excellence in 1898. It is the mission of Snead State to provide educational opportunities and enhance the quality of life for the community – a mission that has carried the College through over a hundred years of success. No matter what educational or career path you choose, Snead State is the place to set the foundation for your college career. Snead State Community College offers the complete college experience with quality instruction and an active campus life. Located in the heart of Sand Mountain, the Boaz campus of Snead State Community College is within driving distance of Birmingham and Huntsville. The 45-acre campus contains instructional facilities, athletic facilities, a dormitory, Library, and cafeteria, all designed to meet the needs of students. Within its academic transfer and career technical programs, Snead State serves students within the Marshall, DeKalb, Blount, and Etowah counties and the surrounding area. With one of the largest distance education programs in the State, the College reaches out to students beyond its service area. The convenience of flexible scheduling and online classes allows students to pursue their education while balancing their hectic lifestyle.

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241 S Main St, Arab, Alabama 35016
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At Snead State, we are committed to helping you succeed. We provide many opportunities for you to partner with us as you work toward achieving your goals. We can help you be whatever it is you want to be! We offer degree programs that prepare you to enter the workforce upon completion, and we also offer degree programs that prepare you for further study after you have completed your degree at Snead State. We believe that a college education is not just for the wealthy or for those who demonstrate past academic success. We believe education and training for any one of us benefits all of us. At Snead State Community College, we believe in providing opportunities for our students to learn and to become productive members of the workforce. Students have many options in their pursuit of an Associate in Science Degree, Associate in Applied Science Degree, a Certificate award or a Short-Term Certificate award.

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