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CAMPS is a resource center bringing together manufacturers, supply chain partners, professional service providers and affiliates (government, education, and non-profit organizations), all who share common interests.Promoting Washington State Manufacturing ExcellenceWe are a nonprofit membership organization representing small and medium sized manufacturing (SMM) businesses working together through strategic partnerships.The value of a CAMPS membership lies in the power associated with being part of a network of manufacturers, supply chain partners, business advisors, and strategic partners, all working together. There is Strength in Collaboration and Numbers

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14900 Interurban Ave S #185, N/A, Tukwila, Washington 98168
(253) 298-7490

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CAMPS has an ongoing series of Programs and Initiatives. These programs and initiatives are designed to begin with the research and investigation of markets, opportunities, and solutions that are impacting the whole membership or of significant interest to members. It is important to understand that the priorities of these programs may change over time.Program – in the CAMPS context, a program is a planned set of activities around a specific purpose, with procedures, a scheduled group of activities, and a defined outcome. Programs are designed as solutions to meet a manufacturing need.Initiative – in the CAMPS context, an initiative is a process to investigate or research an idea that is designed to determine if the ideas warrants the efforts and will yield the results to gain program status.

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