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Courses in higher education were first introduced to the Fort Peck Reservation by two state-funded Montana community colleges. In 1969, the first extension courses were offered by Dawson Community College, Glendive, Montana, and services continued through the spring of 1986. A cooperative agreement for offering on-reservation courses was formed in 1977 with Miles Community College, Miles City, Montana, when that college received a Title III Grant for Developing Institutions. This relationship ended in 1986.

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o meet the unique educational needs of Indian people, Fort Peck Community College believes that the opportunity for higher education must be provided on the reservation. Since many of the people choose not to leave their homeland, it is necessary that education be brought to them. FPCC is committed to preserving Indian culture, history, and beliefs, and to perpetuating them among the Indian people of all ages. FPCC promotes self-awareness through education necessary to build a career, a lifestyle, and to achieve a true sense of self-pride. Although FPCC does not deny anyone the opportunity for higher education, the institution’s primary purpose is to serve the American Indian population of the Fort Peck Reservation.

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