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The mission of Salish Kootenai College is to provide quality post-secondary educational opportunities and support for Native Americans, locally and from throughout the United States, to achieve their academic and career goals. The College will perpetuate the cultures of the Selis, Ksanka, and Qlispe’ peoples. The College will impact its community through service and research.

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58138 US-93, Pablo, Montana 59855
(406) 275-4980

What Salish Kootenai College can offer you.

The Division of Education is one of the largest academic departments at Salish Kootenai College, currently with about 200 students in five distinct degree program tracks. Students can pursue Associates and Bachelors degrees in Early Childhood Education (birth to age 8), Early Childhood Education-P3 (preschool through Grade 3), Elementary Education (K-8), Secondary Science Education (grades 5-12), and Secondary Mathematics Education (grades 5-12). The last four of these five tracks lead to state licensure upon graduation. The Division of Education is based in the Evelyn Stevenson Building.

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