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The Manufacturing Skills Institute (MSI) provides relevant education and skills training and certifications for careers in advanced manufacturing by offering world-class training programs delivered by MSI and MSI education partner institutions. Through the partnership between industry and education, employers set the skill standards for MSI program offerings anywhere offered to ensure learning is linked to employment and career advancement opportunities. The MSI provides programs in advanced technology and automation aligned to manufacturers skills needs. Courses are taught by instructors with professional experiences in manufacturing to ensure knowledge and skill transfer from the classroom. The MSI’s advanced technology and automation programs put individuals on an immediate career pathway leading to employment and career advancement. Innovation and technological advances are rapidly transforming US manufacturing. Production is being streamlined and processes automated.

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2108 W Laburnum Ave, Suite 230, Richmond, Virginia 23227
(804) 643-7489

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The Manufacturing Skills Institute’s mission is to increase the manufacturing capacity of communities through an established network of MSI Academic and Workforce Partners – to be the premier integrated industrial workforce solution – for everything in workforce development from career

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