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Muskegon Junior College was established in 1926 by the Muskegon Board of Education. Originally housed on the third floor of then-new Muskegon Senior High School. By 1934, the College and high school enrollment had grown beyond the capacity of the building. The Junior College moved into the former Hackley School in downtown Muskegon across from Hackley Park.

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221 Quarterline Rd, Muskegon, Michigan 49442
(231) 777-0559

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Muskegon Community College is guided by our mission, vision, and values. All three of these statements should work together in harmony, without overlaps or gaps.A mission statement should define our purpose; our current mission statement was adopted in January 2017The vision statement should be aspirational and explain our desired end-state and what we hope to accomplish; our current vision statement was endorsedby the Board of Trustees in August 2019An organization’s values describes behaviors and the manner in which we support our mission and achieve our vision; our current values were endorsed by the Board of Trustees in January 2021

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Take the first step towards your career in robotics in manufacturing! All of the training on has been vetted by industry experts and will give you the skills that employers need.

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