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Western New England was established in 1919 and became a university in 2011. The main campus has expanded from its original 34 acres to 215 acres, containing 28 major buildings and numerous athletic and recreational fields.

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1215 Wilbraham Road, Springfield, Massachusetts 01119
(413) 796-2302

What Western New England University can offer you.

Excellence in Teaching, Research, and Scholarship, understanding that our primary purpose is to provide an outstanding education supported by faculty with the highest academic credentials, and with national prominence in their fields. Student-centered Learning, providing an individualized approach to education which includes a profound commitment to small class sizes, personalized student-faculty relationships, and student engagement and personal growth both within and beyond the classroom. A Sense of Community, treating every individual as a valued member of our community with a shared sense of purpose and ownership made possible by mutual respect and shared governance. Cultivation of a Pluralistic Society, celebrating the diversity of our community, locally and globally, and creating a community that fosters tolerance, integrity, accountability, citizenship, and social responsibility. Innovative Integrated Liberal and Professional Education, constituting the foundation of our undergraduate and graduate curriculum, providing global education, leadership opportunities, and career preparation. Commitment to Academic, Professional, and Community Service, promoting opportunities for all campus community members to provide responsible service of the highest quality to others. Stewardship of our Campus, caring for the sustainability and aesthetics of the environment both within and beyond the campus.

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