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Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology (BFIT) is an affordable, urban, private, nonprofit college serving the Boston region and committed to student success and career readiness in technology fields. Through personalized support, hands-on learning, and industry-informed curricula, BFIT prepares graduates for work, life-long learning, and citizenship.

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41 Berkeley Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02116
(617) 588-1301

What Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology can offer you.

Our academic programs and co-curricular efforts reflect our commitment to the fundamental principles of an educated person. We value the following skills and attributes and actively promote their development through college-wide initiatives, so that each student: Possesses the technical skills to enter the workforce or go on to further education Demonstrates professionalism through leadership, a strong work ethic, and teamwork Communicates effectively both professionally and personally Utilizes critical thinking and various approaches to problem solving Possesses the lifelong skills to locate, evaluate and use information effectively Understands the impact of sustainable development Is globally and ethically responsible and civically engaged

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Take the first step towards your career in robotics in manufacturing! All of the training on has been vetted by industry experts and will give you the skills that employers need.

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