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Gordon College is a private Christian college in Wenham, Massachusetts. The college offers 33 majors, 38 concentrations, and 21 interdisciplinary and pre-professional minors as well as graduate programs in education and music education. Gordon has an undergraduate enrollment of around 1,600 students representing more than 50 Christian denominations.

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225 Grapevine Road, Wenham, Massachusetts 01984
(978) 927-2300

What Gordon College can offer you.

Gordon College offers BA, BM, BS, MEd, MMEd, MA, and MS degrees. It offers undergraduate degrees from 27 majors, 42 concentrations and 11 interdisciplinary and preprofessional minors. Gordon offers both[clarification needed] a graduate degree in education and music. The Graduate Education program offers the MEd degree. The Graduate Music program offers an MMEd degree, licensure-only options, and workshops.

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