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New River Community College (NRCC) is a comprehensive community college located in the New River Valley of Virginia. At NRCC you can prepare for the future with any of our various occupational programs or college transfer courses. NRCC has earned a reputation for first-class instruction. With our wide selection of courses, you can explore your interests, prepare for a career, or increase your job skills. At the same time, at New River you'll find small classes and instructors who care about their students, along with a variety of services to help students, from counseling to career planning. And if you're interested in extracurricular activities, you'll find many opportunities to get involved. NRCC faculty members are well known not just for their academic background, but also for their capacity to work closely and effectively with students. You'll find that they have a genuine interest in your success. They also have excellent academic credentials. All faculty who teach college transfer courses have doctorates or master's degrees, while those in occupational programs have a diverse background which combines academics with practical on-the-job experience. In recent years individual professors and college programs have received state and national awards for their quality.

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5251 College Drive, Dublin, Virginia 24084
(540) 674-4241

What New River Community College can offer you.

NRCC offers a broad range of courses and programs to meet the diverse needs of students. As a New River student, you'll have a variety of choices. In fact, the college offers over 40 different academic programs from which to choose. Your choices include not just what programs to take, but when and how to take them. You can attend in the day or at night, full-time or part-time, on-campus or at one of our off-campus locations in the New River Valley. You can also complete a wide range of courses through individualized approaches. NRCC operates on a semester system, with classes also offered during the summer. You can get a jump on college by enrolling as a summer student, even if you plan to attend another institution. Also, students from other schools often take summer classes at New River to transfer back to their home college or university. Whether you're interested in just one course or an entire program, NRCC can meet your needs.

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