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The Mercer County Technical Schools is a countywide vocational public school district based in Trenton, serving the high school-aged population of Mercer County, New Jersey, United States. The district's programs are offered on a shared-time basis, whereby a student is enrolled in their home school for academic and other educational activities and then attends a technical school on a half-day basis.

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1085 Old Trenton Rd, Hamilton Township, New Jersey 08690
(609) 586-2129

What Mercer County Technical Schools can offer you.

The Mercer County Technical School District offers Federal and State approved apprenticeship training programs. Some programs may satisfy Veterans Education requirements. An apprentice must take a minimum of 144 hours of job-related schooling per year of apprenticeship. Students must successfully complete all units of a program (usually 16 units) in order to qualify for program completion.

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