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The AG experience is designed as a comprehensive immersion program combining a 3 component model for agricultural education. The 3 components are classroom lab, FFA, and SAE. Students will learn tech information in the classroom and will experience what they have learned with real life experiences.

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701 Delaware, Longton, Kansas 67352
(620) 642-2215

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To experience this unique opportunity to explore and develop skills and education in their chosen career areas of agriculture. Students have access to experiences better preparing them for post-secondary education and careers in agriculture. With students able to get hands-on real-life opportunities they are more likely to determine their career interests before spending increased tuition costs for expensive post-secondary education. The experience assists students from changing their minds later in the education process spending increased dollars and time on more education. Students will utilize experiences and available educational facilities to assist them in receiving awards and recognition and access potential post-secondary scholarships. The experience allows students to develop an experience resume increasing their potential for specialized training, internships and ultimately a career in their chosen area of interest.

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