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Red Canyon High School is the alternative high school for Eagle County. It has two campuses, one in Edwards and one in Eagle. Both locations are Expeditionary Learning schools. RCHS is a community centered around meeting the diverse needs of our students in order to develop individuals who are: respectful, community-minded, hopeful, and self-aware.

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395 McGregor Dr., PO Box 1001, Gypsum, Colorado 81637
(970) 510-0220

Robotics Training Programs from Red Canyon High School

Our educational program is based on, and emphasizes, small group instruction, with a teacher-directed approach to each class. Students participate in core courses (such as math or science) and elective classes (such as art or P.E.). Additional elective credit is earned for volunteer work and job hours. We also offer Dual Enrollment to Juniors and Seniors.

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