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The Eastern Pennsylvania Robotics Alliance (EPRA) is a community based FIRST robotics organization for boys and girls in grades K through 12.

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1250 Baltimore Pike, Springfield, Pennsylvania 19064
(484) 466-6165

What Eastern Pennsylvania Robotics Alliance can offer you.

We are dedicated to spreading the message of FIRST both in our community and around the world.  To accomplish this we utilize outreach programs in our immediate five county area and the global Girl Scout and Girl Guide network. We are not confined by the boundaries of a school so we can share the love of science, technology, engineering, and math to kids anywhere in the world. We will give each and every child that comes through our program STEM education through robotics, whether the robots are made of LEGO, or metal. Each child will be challenged, but will come out of our program with the skills they need in life.

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