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Since its founding in 1966, The Community College of Allegheny County has flourished, becoming the educational powerhouse it is today, a nationally renowned two-year college dedicated to serving all community members. From groundbreaking student success initiatives to top-ranked academic and career-based programs, CCAC continues to be the college of choice for nearly one out of every three adults in the Greater Pittsburgh metropolitan region.

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800 Allegheny Ave #1804, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15233
(412) 639-5771

What Community College of Allegheny County can offer you.

Community College of Allegheny County's Mechatronics program is CCAC’s signature automation systems program where students learn the integrated skills of supply chain, process technology, robotics/ artificial intelligence and electrical systems. In this program, students acquire skills and knowledge in five major areas: computer programming, electrical systems, mechanical systems, robotics and additive manufacturing (3D printing).

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