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Johnson College, a two-year technical college, was founded by Orlando S. Johnson, a wealthy coal baron in the Scranton area who died in 1912. Mr. Johnson left the bulk of his estate to establish and maintain a trade school and his purpose became the mission of the College as an institution “where young men and women can be taught useful arts and trades that may enable them to make an honorable living and become contributing members of society.” Over the years, Johnson College has served the region by providing programs of technical education and continually evaluates its programs to meet the technology needs of society.

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3427 N Main Ave, Scranton, Pennsylvania 18508
(570) 342-6404

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Johnson College provides real-world, hands-on learning in a caring environment and prepares graduates to enter into or advance in their careers. Students continuing in their current jobs, obtain hands-on advanced training, new certifications and unique skills to expand their careers while helping their companies grow. Students entering a new career have an opportunity, through newly acquired core skills, to excel in training and job placement when hired in the industry they’re passionate about. We train the workforce of northeastern Pennsylvania by immersing our continuing education, degree and certificate earning students in industry from day one.

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